Property Management

Caribbean Team in Dominican Republic is consistent in delivering great attention to managing the property you invested. They believe that constant care is the key to a lifelong property that is why they focus on maintaining a systematized and customized maintenance and cleaning service directed towards proper care of your property. Moreover, they are also responsible forhousekeeping, monitoring, and crisis management.

Aside from keeping your interior clean and manageable through a series of procedures made, they are also one the go in managing your property’s exterior through their garden and pool service. With highly trained staff, definitely things will be back on their original state even after years that it was not given enough attention. Our history in property management is built upon our principles of bringing out the best at all circumstances, situations and events. Because we know how important is for you to keep the value of your investment.

Dominican Republic property management is consistent in providing unwavering services and support to all our clients and investors because we want to establish a longer and stronger partnership with you. This is the way we continue to handle all necessary maintenance services only to assure you that you have made the right decision to trust in us. At all cost, we are willing to pay you through our  hardwork in keeping your property at good state.

Caribbean Team Management was created to provide constant attention to the optimal state of your investment property. Working with this in mind Caribbean Team Management was created to provide constant care and attention to the optimal state of your investment property. We are focused on maintaining a system of care and individualized attention. Our history of providing administrative support to properties with personalized assistance has been our distinction in the market place. We focus on the supervision of each of our staff members ensuring that they fully comply with their duties of cleaning, maintenance, and other important things.

Our philosophy goes beyond merely complying with the basic services.We strive to meet any challengewithin our power to create peace and harmony for our clients and their guests. Many owners do not live in the Dominican Republic full time. Others don’t want to handle the maintenance of their properties.With this in mind Caribbean Team management has created our onsite management program offering to take care of the following:

1- Maintenance service: With our administration package your property will be inspected by one of our maintenance experts who will take care of all minor repairs.

2- Housekeeping: As managers of your property we will be responsible for keeping your property clean and in good condition.

3- Garden/pool service: Caribbean team has a qualified staff that will ensure the proper care of your garden and pool.

4- Monthly bill payments: Relax when you leave your property in our hands. With our administration package all bills related to your property will be paid on your behalf.

5- Monitoring & crisis management: During times of crisis our team ensures good care of your property and the proper monitoring of the situation.

6- accounting service and reporting: All actions taken on your property will be reflected in our monthly reports to owners.


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